Being an Eagle Scout has contributed greatly to who I am. All these years later I still live by the motto Be Prepared. Applying the motto with a desire to send postcards, I end up with a little travel kit prepared to send postcards.

The whole kit goes in a zipper pouch I bought at the famous Powells Books in Portland, OR. The pouch reminds me to Be Bold or Italic. Never normal.

Inside the pouch I keep postcards, Forever Postcard stamps, and a mailing list. I have a list, probably a couple, on my phone but it is nice to have a printed one.

I have various postcards that I pickup. Most recently I had some from Las Vegas featuring glitter which seems apropos. My current stash also includes Egyptian museum, Alamo, and classic San Francisco cards. I am always looking to add interesting cards. If you get a card from me, I am probably traveling but the card is likely to be from someplace else entirely.

I keep some Forever Postcard stamps for people in the USA and a few international stamps for others.

I throw this pouch into my backpack when I travel. I keep an eye out for more postcards. Often I don’t see any good cards until the end of my trip. In any case, I am armed with the supplies I need to send postcards. It seems everyone loves to find a postcard in their mail box.

p.s. Send someone a postcard.