The year was 2016. I had just driven over 6 hours to the Atlanta Pen Show. I went to the Nock Co table and suddenly the FOMO was strong. Yes, the Fear Of Missing Out. There was this little blue and red creation.

Already, it was almost sold out. I wasn’t sure how useful it would be. I bought one of the last ones. I know FOMO was the main motivation. Turns out, I have found great use for this case dubbed by Brad and Jeff the Penvelope.

Opening the Penvelope, it is easy to see where the name comes from. You have a flap that closes with a snap. On the back of the flap is a pen slot. I have often kept two pens in there but lately I have gone with one. The other part is a pocket large enough to hold a pocket notebook and various goodies.

Now you start to see what I keep in my Penvelope: shopping supplies. I have gone with a thinner wallet, but that leaves little room for some of the cards that I occasionally need. Many can be stored in my phone, but sometimes I still need the physical card. One of those is a gas discount card. I will also put a few coupons in here for things I buy. The bright blue card is for buying water for my aquarium. Every 12th one is free, if I keep up with it. A have a tendency to squirrel away stamps in various places, including the Penvelope. These extras have found a good home in the Penvelope. And of course I keep some basic supplies for any pen fan: pen and paper.

My pen of choice for the Penvelope is the Karas Pen Company EDK. This rugged little pen fits nicely. This retractable pen is good for marking things off your shopping list. The Schmidt P8126 refill works well even on the crazy cash register paper you sometimes have to sign.

Lastly a few notecards and a notebook, make sure I always have something to write on. These cards are also from Nock Co. The notebook was made for the 2016 LA Pen Show by Curnow Bookbinders for Vanness Pens. I didn’t go to the show but I did order some notebooks. I have a thing for maps.

So even though FOMO drove this purchase, it has turned out to be a useful addition to my everyday carry. Not in my pockets, but the Penvelope lives in my computer backpack. But I pull it out when I go shopping whether it is for groceries, aquarium supplies, or gasoline.

p.s. Someone you know would love to find a letter in their mailbox.