Bilbo: “What do I have in my pocket?”
Golem: “Not fair! not fair! It isn’t fair, my precious, is it, to ask us what it’s got in it’s nassty little pocketsess?”

So “what’s in my pocketsess?” - a popular topic among the every day carry (EDC) crowd. My EDC extends beyond my pockets. But for starters, let’s take a peek at what I always carry in my pockets.

You will discover a minimal load in my pockets. My computer backpack holds wallet, keys and more. But even around the house, I carry a pocket pen, small knife, my phone and a pocket notebook.

I have talked about my pocket pens before. Here you see the often carried Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40. Sometimes, I sit in meetings tilting the pen back and forth, mesmerized by the ink sloshing around.

I inherited my step-father’s main pocket knife - a small two blade vintage Colonial. Not vintage in a valuable way but in a sentimental way. It opens mail and packages nicely. As a rule, I try to avoid knife fights.

p.s Write someone a letter.