Ah, notebooks. They so often come in a three pack and all three look just alike. What to do, what to do?

I have accumulated a decent number of stickers. Mostly software related - not surprising since being a software developer pays the bills. This works out great. To distinguish one notebook from another, I add stickers. Recently a new notebook day arrived. So out came the stickers and this arrangement emerged for the front.

I use some of this software like GitLab and Kafka and some of these stickers came from Open Source 101 which I attended in Raleigh, NC. I have plenty of stickers with more color but on this day I chose to just have one sticker with color. The back turned-out similar with little color.

I don’t remember what company the dripping matrix is but I like the look.

Stickers have the added benefit of stiffening the covers. These Nock Co notebooks don’t need help but I have used some that do. Sometimes I add stickers to the inside of the covers too. So far this one is clear. A blank canvas for another day.

p.s. Include some stickers in a letter to friend.