I like to think.
I like to think about ink.
The ink I think about is pink.

I like to drink.
I like to drink and think about pink ink.
I like to clink my drink and think about pink ink that does not have zinc or stink like a mink.

Click on this link and in a blink you can read more about ink.
It will not all be pink.

Pink Ink Poem
Pink Ink Poem

A couple of year’s ago I got in an American Airlines fart tube and flew to San Antonio for my Mom’s 80th birthday. My arrival was on the sly since my attendance was a surprise present for my Mom - insert ah sound here. My little sister was chauffeuring me around, well maybe she drug me out to do errands for the party. But my Boy Scout training had kicked in and I was prepared. Don’t we all search for pen shops for anyplace we are traveling? Checking my phone while my sister listed food we needed to pick up, I noticed we were close to Paradise Pens. I inquired of my dear sister if we had time to stop. Sure you would think I could just order my chauffeur to stop, but I was also staying at her house for two more days, so politeness seemed the best plan. Being glad of my help for the party, my tolerant sister granted this small request.

The completely original, not influenced by anything I read in my childhood or while my kids were growing up, poem above was already in my head plus Mont Blanc Pink was all the rage. I hoped to score a bottle. Sadly they were out. The sales lady did show me this very pink, very bright Paradise Pens Pink. I was really jonesing for pink ink so this bottle went home with me. A Retro 51 football pen snuck into my bag too, but that is a different story.

As I planned for this new blog, I decided Pink Ink should be the first post.

Alas Paradise Pens is no more and it appears you cannot buy this bright pink ink anymore. You will have to look elsewhere for retina searing pink ink. If another brand makes it’s way into my collection, I will be sure to write about it.

Pink Ink Lines
Pink Ink Lines

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