A few years ago when I was first listening to the Pen Addict, I was listening to current episodes (around episode 50) and also going back and listening from the beginning. Way back in episode 5, Brad and Myke talked about a pen I still use today - the Uni Power Tank ballpoint.

Besides being a nice writing ballpoint, this pen can take some abuse. Abuse like being stored in the glove box of your car. The Power Tank can experience both the hot and cold extremes of your car and still write instantly when needed.

This makes it perfect to pair with a small notebook and keep in your car for emergencies. I have chosen a Field Notes Sweet Tooth as the notebook. The tear out pages are perfect if you need to leave a note. Thankfully, I have not needed to write down information from an accident, but I feel better knowing both our vehicles have supplies to write something down.

The previous sample was written just to test the pen. It writes from the first touch to the paper. Not only did it write but it writes nicely - smooth and even with no skips and requiring minimal pressure.

You can get a Power Tank from Jet Pens with black, blue or red ink in 0.7 and 1.0 mm tips. You can even choose a few different body colors. Any of the choices are an affordable $3.30.

p.s Write your self a reminder to stock your vehicle with a pen and notebook.