Before I get into the story of this nib, I have to say that it does not have some kind of gold, yellow or green dots. I took these pictures outside and the pollen is crazy right now. Those are little dots of pollen. The section is a nice shiny, smooth black.

Back in June, towards the end of the Triangle Pen Show, I bought a hooded Sailor nib from Jimmy Dolive. I showed it to Brian Anderson and he said I was going to have a hard time finding the pen that goes with it. I told him that is not my plan. My plan was and still is to get a custom pen made for it. How I got to that point shows the kind of interaction you can have at a pen show.

I had noticed the nibs at Jimmy’s table. I wanted to get some more custom pens but I also wished for more interesting nibs. This hooded 14k Sailor nib certainly fits the bill. But I didn’t want to buy the nib and then find out it could not be used by a custom maker. I asked Jimmy if I could take the nib and walk down the aisle and show it to someone before I bought it. He said sure. I took the nib to Jonathan Brooks’ table. When I asked him if he could make a pen to use fit it, he took it and examined it closely. Then like a good pen maker, he pulled out a thread gauge and measured before saying he could certainly do it. I went back to Jimmy’s table and closed the deal.

The presence of lots of resources close together combined with the trust Jimmy showed made this kind of transaction possible. This leaves me planning and dreaming of what to do next. The black section of the nib is a given. I have wanted an amber pen with black ends and section along with some gold bands and clip. I haven’t counted out Brooks but Renee at Scriptorium pens makes some nice models. Perhaps a Churchillized Epic in a Smoky Quartz.

Whatever I pick, I am enjoying the planning process. I should get started soon because the wait for a custom pen is pretty long.

p.s. Write down the custom pen(s) of your dreams.