I picked up this modern Sheaffer at a local stationery and gift shop that is closing. The first thing you notice are the interesting lines. The way the cap fits to the body is at an angle to the pen. This angle matches the angle of the inlaid nib.

Before we go more into the pen, let’s look at the outside - the boxes. There is a simple white outer box. It does say something interesting.

ATTENTION: This Sheaffer Intrigue has a range of technically advanced features that are unique
to this writing instrument. Please insure you read the the Use and Care Guide
fully before using it. Failure to do so may reduce the performance of the product.

Inside is a black and maroon plastic clam shell. Opening the clam shell you see a nice clean presentation of the pen. Underneath the insert that holds the pen you find some ink cartridges with Skrip Jet Black ink and instructions you are warned about. You need to read those at least once - or read this blog - because the filling system is more than a simple cartridge/convertor pen.

The included convertor has a special end and sits in a channel in the body.

In these photos you can see the gears first with the convertor out and then in the pen. With the convertor in the pen the gears do not quite mesh.

A small knob on the back of the pen engages with the convertor when pulled out. Once pulled out, turning this knob works the convertor, allowing filling the pen from an ink bottle without disassembly. You can still remove the convertor to clean the pen or to use a cartridge.

The brushed gold colored cap joins flush at a diagonal to a matching gold inlay on the matte black body.

The gold colored clip has the famous Sheaffer white dot.

The black plastic section has a 14k gold inlaid nib.

I haven’t inked this pen because I am thinking of selling it. Here is a review SBRE Brown did in late 2013. Spoiler: He quite liked it.

p.s. Write to someone.