Three Amigos? Well in the movie, the Three Amigos are the good guys. Today’s three pens belong to the Retro 51 Bandit series. A Bandit is not typically a good guy. Did Robin Hood pop into your head? But bandits can still be friends, so I say these three Bandits can be Three Amigos.

Retro 51 started an impressive 27 years ago. Still we can not consider any of their pens vintage. Of course to make room for new designs, they have often discontinued designs. Vintage or not, I enjoy discovering discontinued designs.

The Bandit Series consists of three pens. The yellow one named Sundance, the blue one named Billy, and the red one named Jesse. The paisley pattern covering each Bandit pen often decorate bandanas. And of course bandits covered their faces with a bandana while performing their nefarious deeds.

If you have followed me much, you will know that for numbered pens I love to prime numbers. For this set, I managed to find prime numbers for all three: Sundance #017, Billy #083 and Jesse #023. Chalked up three points on the double nerd score board - math and pen nerd.

I acquired Sundance for a few months ago. The other two arrived just in time for a trip to Denver. Thus these photos of the bandits on the front range. First in their tubes.

And now peeking out.

My Retro 51 collection continues to grow. Hunting for interesting, discontinued designs to add flames my passion for more Retro 51s.

p.s. Even a bandit can write someone a letter.