For the week of the summer solstice, five original haiku. I had fun writing them.

Mon, June 19, 2017

feel the summer breeze
sound of wind chimes in the air
nice evening outside

Pen: Pelikan M205 Amethyst M nib
Ink: Lamy Dark Lilac
Paper: Pelikan Hub 2016 Notepad

The lettering is me mimicking an art-deco typeface I found online. This was my first try at it. Usually I get more consistent once I use a typeface more than once. The pen, ink, and paper combination is all German. It is hard to complain about a free notepad, but this paper does feather some.

Tue, June 20, 2017

fescue goes dormant
heat, humidity, insects still beats winter snow

Pen: Karas Pen Company INK with M nib
Ink: Callifolio Olivastre
Paper: Nock Co A5 DotDash Notebook

This lettering style is called Reader Light. I have used it a lot on envelopes. Most of the forms I have memorized, but I still glance at my printed sheet to stay on track. I need to pay more attention to get the sizes consistent. The Callifolio ink has a lot of character and shading as you can see in the inset with the closeup.

Wed, June 21, 2017

watch fire flies flashing
meandering on the trails
summer night’s magic

Pen: Pilot Falcon SM nib
Ink: Pilot Nakimi Black
Paper: Rhodia Le Carre

I decided to try some Pilot Black cartridges in my Pilot Falcon. It is a decent black but not my favorite. I tried to use some flex on a brush style typeface. It didn’t really work as well as I had hoped.

Thu, June 22, 2017

walking at daybreak
Carpe Diem with Diem
beat the summer heat

Pen: Franklin-Christoph 66 Italian Ice with CC 1.5 nib Ink: Franklin-Christoph Sweet Maroon
Paper: Franklin-Christoph A5 Firma-Flex Journal

Knowing our dog is named Diem is crucial for understanding this one. We get up an walk early, around 5:30, to beat the heat. Some days the humidity has already been oppressive even at that time.

The material is all Franklin-Christoph. The 1.5 nib gives a nice thick vertical line and decent contrast to the thinner horizontal lines. The Sweet Maroon has some nice shading and even some sheen on the Franklin-Christoph paper.

Fri, June 23, 2017

should water the lawn?
cool weather grass naps in heat
and the roots are strong

Pen: Scriptorium Literati Desk Pen, Esterbrook 2048 nib
Ink: KWZ Menthol Green
Paper: Tomoe River Paper white

I had to get the pen in the picture. The Silver Ore material is fantastic. A still picture doesn’t do it justice. I had the pen made to hold Esterbrook nibs. It is so easy to get a variety. I pretty much kept a light touch, for me, with the 2048 nib, yielding a nice thin line. For the math and computer nerds, 2048 is 2 to the 11th power. The little drop of ink shows the KWZ color better than the thin lines.

p.s Try writing a haiku.