It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Well at least it was a good customer support experience and a bad one. The good one was part of our precious pen world. The bad one was not.

First the good story. Good stories are boring to read about but much better to experience. Mine was with Nock Co. I received my Lanier and even wrote about it. But the set of A5 notebooks where not in my order. I checked that I had really paid for them, then sent a note via KickStarter to Nock Co. The replied immediately and two days later I had my notebooks. No drama. Simple. People owning a mistake and correcting it.

Now the tale of really messed up shipping. My lovely bride ordered an outdoor bench and pillow from Hay Needle. The bench came in a timely fashion for a box weighing 170 pounds. It’s a big bench. The pillow? Not so smooth. By watching the FedEx tracking information she realized it had been delivered to Charlotte, NC about 160 miles away. She contacted Hay Needle and they said FedEx is going to try to retrieve it from the Charlotte address. A couple of days later we get a package from FedEx. It was not from Hay Needle but from Bath and Body Works. The latest shipping label was to us but from Wrong Address. The previous label was still partly visible. Sure enough the Bath and Body Works package had originally been delivered to Charlotte. But not by FedEx. It was a UPS package! It seems a FedEx employee was sent to pick up the mis-delivered package. There was a package on the porch, so they took it. Now some totally innocent person in Charlotte has received a pillow they did not order and the stuff they did order was snatched from their house.

Perhaps ironically, since there are probably many horror stories about UPS, UPS had successfully delivered a package to Charlotte, but FedEx took it and sent it on an adventure. I wonder if UPS, Bath and Body Works, or the person in Charlotte will ever know what happened.

Good products quickly delivered and labels on lost package
Good products quickly delivered and labels on lost package

Neither FedEx or UPS have obvious ways to contact them. My lovely bride ended up sending each company a message on Facebook. She gave all the facts. UPS never replied, but she just notified them as a courtesy. So no big deal. FedEx was a different story. They kept asking for info she had supplied in her original message. It was more than 140 characters, so Tl;DR. She had given up on FedEx and told Hay Needle to expedite a replacement pillow or cancel the order and refund our money. Suddenly someone at FedEx contacts her and seems to acknowledge there is an issue. For a little while is seems they may be sort of doing something about it. But in the end nothing. At this point the whole thing is so frustrating. Why are we having to do so much to correct somebody else’s mistake?

I hope you see a difference between the two tales.

p.s. Write someone a thank you for a job well done.